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VOLUME 7, ISSUE 5: 2011:


Checklist of Orchid bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) of "Lago do Silêncio" Area, Boca do Acre, Amazonas, Brazil.
Storck-Tonon, D.; M.V. Silva; E.F. Morato.
Check List 7(5):648-651PDF Full PDF

Ichthyofaunal survey of the Riacho Goulart, tributary of the Tietê River (upper Paraná basin).
Pazian, M.E.; H.M.M. Leal; M. Lalucce.
Check List 7(5):652-655PDF Full PDF

Social wasps of Unilavras/Boqueirão Biological Reserve, Ingaí, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Henrique-Simões, M.; M.D. Cuozzo; F.A. Frieiro-Costa.
Check List 7(5):656-667PDF Full PDF

Anuran species composition from Serra do Ouro Branco, southernmost Espinhaço Mountain Range, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
São-Pedro, V.A.; R.N. Feio.
Check List 7(5):671-680PDF Full PDF

Helminths of freshwater fishes in the reservoir of the Hydroelectric Power Station of Itaipu, Paraná, Brazil.
Kohn, A.; F. Moravec; S.C. Cohen; C. Canzi; R.M. Takemoto; B.M.M. Fernandes.
Check List 7(5):681-690PDF Full PDF

Fishes of the Kwilu River (Kasai basin, central Africa): A list of species collected in the vicinity of Kikwit, Bandundu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo.
Mbimbi, J.J.; M.L.J. Stiassny.
Check List 7(5):691-699PDF Full PDF


Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae, Scarthyla vigilans (Solano, 1971): Range extension and new country record for Trinidad, West Indies, with notes on tadpoles, habitat, behavior and biogeographical significance.
Smith, J.M.; J.R. Downie; R.F. Dye; V. Ogilvy; D.G. Thornham; M.G. Rutherford; S.P. Charles; J.C. Murphy.
Check List 7(5):574-577PDF Full PDF

Diplodactylus tessellatus Gunther, 1875 (Squamata: Diplodactylidae), Parasuta dwyeri Greer, 2006 and Suta suta Peters, 1863 (Squamata: Elapidae): Distribution extension in the Murray catchment of New South Wales, South-eastern Australia.
Michael, D.R.; D.B. Lindenmayer.
Check List 7(5):578-580PDF Full PDF

Multiple new records of Gymnoscyphus ascitus Böhlke and Robins, 1970 (Perciformes: Gobiesocidae) from the western Central Atlantic.
Conway, K.W.; H.L. Prestridge.
Check List 7(5):581-582PDF Full PDF

Astyanax intermedius Eigenmann, 1908 (Actinopterygii: Characiformes: Characidae): Distribution extension in eastern Brazil.
Lezama, A.Q.; M.L. Triques; F.M. Queiroz.
Check List 7(5):583-584PDF Full PDF

Mammalia, Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae, Monodelphis kunsi Pine, 1975: Distribution extension and first record for eastern Amazonia.
Gettinger, D.; T.C. Modesto; H.G. Bergallo; F. Martins-Hatano.
Check List 7(5):585-588PDF Full PDF

Range extension of Anthus nattereri Sclater, 1878 (Aves: Motacillidae) in Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil.
Mazzoni, L.G.; A. Perillo.
Check List 7(5):589-591PDF Full PDF

Amphibia, Anura, Leptodactylidae, Leptodactylus syphax Bokermann, 1969: Distribution extension and geographic distribution map.
Andrade, E.B.; R. Guimarães; J.M.A. Leite jR.; J.R.S.A. Leite.
Check List 7(5):592-593PDF Full PDF

Amphisbaena miringoera Vanzolini, 1971 (Squamata: Amphisbaenidae): New state record.
Mott, T.; C.S. Carvalho Neto; K.S. Carvalho Filho.
Check List 7(5):594-595PDF Full PDF

Actinopterygii, Siluriformes, Loricariidae, Hypostomus aspilogaster (Cope, 1894). Distribution extension and first record for Argentina.
Cardoso, Y.P.; F. Brancolini; L. Protogino; M. Lizarralde.
Check List 7(5):596-598PDF Full PDF

First record of Scartella itajobi Rangel and Mendes, 2009 (Perciformes: Blenniidae) from São Pedro e São Paulo Archipelago, Brazil.
Lima Filho, P.A.; R.X. Soares; W.F. Molina; L.F. Mendes.
Check List 7(5):599-600PDF Full PDF

New records and geographic distribution map of Adenomera heyeri Boistel, de Massary and Angulo, 2006 (Anura: Leptodactylidae).
Fouquet, A.; M. Dewynter; P. Gaucher; M. Blanc; C. Marty; M.T. Rodrigues; R. Ernst.
Check List 7(5):601-605PDF Full PDF

Scinax canastrensis (Cardoso and Haddad, 1982) (Anura: Hylidae): New record in the state of Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil.
Moura, M.R.; H. Cazelli.
Check List 7(5):606-607PDF Full PDF

New records and geographic distribution map of Bothropoides diporus Cope, 1862 (Reptilia: Viperidae).
Minoli, I.; D.J. Álvares; L.J. Avila.
Check List 7(5):608-609PDF Full PDF

Craspedacusta sowerbii Lankester, 1880 (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa: Olindiidae): New record in Minas Gerais state, Brazil.
Souza, M.M.; M.K. Ladeira.
Check List 7(5):610-611PDF Full PDF

Range extension of Anoura fistulata Muchhala, Mena and Albuja, 2005 (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae) in Peru.
Gárate-Bernardo, P.; F. Carrasco-Rueda.
Check List 7(5):612-613PDF Full PDF

Mammalia, Rodentia, Sigmodontinae Wagner, 1843: New Locality records, filling gaps and geographic distribution maps from La Rioja province, northwestern Argentina.
Jayat, J.P.; P.E. Ortiz; R. González; R.L. Allende; M.C.M. Jaén.
Check List 7(5):614-618PDF Full PDF

Promecops claviger Hustache, 1929 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae): First register in Brazil and first host plant register.
Barreto, M.R.; F. Cavalet.
Check List 7(5):619-620PDF Full PDF

Actinopterygii, Siluriformes, Callichthyidae, Hoplosternum littorale (Hancock, 1828): Distribution extension in the upper São Francisco River region, southeast Brazil.
Salvador-Jr, L.F.; F.A. Silva.
Check List 7(5):621-625PDF Full PDF

First record of Ceratium Schrank, 1973 (Dinophyceae: Ceratiaceae) in freshwater ecosystems in the semiarid region of Brazil.
Oliveira, H.S.B.; A.N. Moura; M.K. Cordeiro-Araújo.
Check List 7(5):626-628PDF Full PDF

Anolis soinii Poe and Yañez-Miranda, 2008 (Squamata: Iguanidae: Polychrotinae): Distribution extension, first records for Ecuador and notes on geographic variation.
Ayala-Varela , F.; S. Poe; A. Carvajal-Campos; L. Gray; J. Davis; A. Almendáriz.
Check List 7(5):629-631PDF Full PDF

New Records of Cheloninae (Förster, 1862) and Braconinae (Nees, 1811) (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from Iran.
Bod, A.L.; E. Rakhshani; A.A. Talebi; A. Lozan; V. Zikic.
Check List 7(5):632-634PDF Full PDF

Distribution extension of Strabomantis ruizi (Lynch, 1981) (Amphibia, Anura, Strabomantidae) from the department of Valle del Cauca, Colombia.
Velandia-Perilla, J.H.; A.P. Yusti-Muñoz; W. Bolívar-G.
Check List 7(5):635-636PDF Full PDF

Aves, Passeriformes, Cotingidae, Phytotoma rutila (Vieillot, 1818): new record in Brazil.
Sanabria, J.A.F.; D. Danilewicz; M. Borges-Martins.
Check List 7(5):637-638PDF Full PDF

New record and distribution extension of Campylorhamphus trochilirostris (Lichtenstein, 1820) (Aves: Dendrocolaptidae) in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.
Macarrão, A.
Check List 7(5):639-640PDF Full PDF

Amphibia, Anura, Bufonidae, Melanophryniscus spectabilis Caramaschi and Cruz, 2002: Distribution extension and geographic distribution map.
Giasson, L.O.M.; T.S. Kunz; I.R. Ghizoni-Jr.
Check List 7(5):641-644PDF Full PDF

Gastropoda, Caenogastropoda, Eulimidae, Annulobalcis aurisflamma Simone and Martins, 1995: First record to northeastern Brazil.
Queiroz, V.; L. Sales; C.L.S. Sampaio; E.G. Neves; R. Johnsson.
Check List 7(5):645-647PDF Full PDF

New records of Astyanax pelegrini Eigenmann, 1907 and Triportheus pantanensis Malabarba, 2004 (Actinopterygii: Characiformes: Characidae) for the Río Pilcomayo National Park and Ramsar Site in the province of Formosa, Argentina.
Brancolini, F.; L. Protogino; P. Minotti; C, Baigún; H. López; D. Colautti.
Check List 7(5):668-670PDF Full PDF