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Check List is a bimonthly peer-reviewed online journal, devoted to publishing lists of species and notes on the geographic distribution of any taxon. These data are essential for studies on biogeography and provide a baseline for the conservation of biodiversity as a whole. The first step to undertaking effective conservation action is to maintain records of the distribution of species. Check List was established to cater to this need by publishing papers on these important inventories.


Manuscripts will be considered on the condition that they have not been published elsewhere or submitted for publication - in whole or in part - to another journal or book. Submission to Check List implies that all authors have read and approved the version being submitted, and the corresponding author is considered to be responsible for complying with the journal requirements. Post-publication discord between authors, or any other kind of scientific misconduct that was not perceived during the peer-review process, is subject to retraction of the concerned paper according to journal rules.

The manuscript must be submitted as a Word document (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf). Photographs, drawings and maps must be sent separately as high-resolution JPEG (.jpg), or Tagged Image File Format (.tif) files. High quality color photographs are encouraged and their publication is free of charge. For more details see Instructions to Authors & Submission.

Manuscripts must be written in English. If the author is not a native speaker or proficient in English, it is required to have the manuscript edited by a native English speaker or a professional translator before submission. For more details see Instructions to Authors & Submission.

After submission, manuscripts go into a queue (that averages two months) until an Assistant Editor reviews them. The Assistant Editor will check whether the English spelling and grammar is acceptable and formatting issues of the manuscript are in accordance with the Journal's instructions. If there are no pending issues, the manuscript is forwarded to a Subject Editor. The Subject Editor, together with at least one (for Notes on Geographic Distribution) or two (for Lists of Species) invited experts will peer-review the technical quality of submitted files. This step usually takes from two to eight months, depending on manuscript size, difficulty to find available referees and delays to receive reviews. When a manuscript is accepted, galley proofs are sent to authors within two months by the Graphic Editor.
Authors must provide names, institutions and email addresses of at least four referees. The Subject Editor reserves the right to find other appropriate referees.

Please direct any question about the journal or submission to the Editor-in-Chief Marcus Guidoti (


Check List is under a Creative Commons license.
The Check List website is hosted by RNP (Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa) and maintained by CRIA (Centro de Referência em Informação Ambiental), a non-profit and non-governmental Brazilian organization that aims to contribute to the conservation of global biodiversity by the dissemination of high quality scientific information.